We’ve included a collection of Website Accelerators into your Hosting Control Panel to help you quickly improve the online operation of your websites. You will not need to transform anything at all in the program code or try to make special configuration settings that need technical comprehension from you. Inside the Hosting Control Panel, simply pick the tool you want to employ – Node.js, Varnish and Memcached and set up an instance for it. It’s all done with a click of the mouse. By quickening your websites, you’ll not just stop your visitors from being required to hang on but will also make your website climb high in search results.

You will find the Website Accelerators inside the Advanced Tools part of the Hosting Control Panel.


RAM–memorizing instead of database calls

In case you have a data–base–driven website or web application, and data–base requests frequently reduce the overall performance, this could be really bothersome for the website visitors or the app consumers. Seeking out an answer can usually require a considerable amount of time. Nevertheless, in the Mediajem Hosting UK Hosting Control Panel, you will find there’s a remedy for you.

Memcached is an easy, yet powerful distributed memory caching system, that memorizes information and objects within the RAM. By doing this, the database–saved information on your web site does not need to be loaded whenever a visitor opens up the same page.

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RAM–memorizing as an alternative to HTTP calls

You’ll find many different methods to quicken a website, but most of them require a developer to edit the code. There are more convenient–to–use alternatives for quickening a website, much like the Varnish website accelerator application integrated into our Hosting Control Panel.

Varnish is a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which keeps HTTP queries inside the server memory and sends them to the customer instead of waiting around for the web server to return them. Trials demonstrate that utilizing Varnish on a website or an application normally hurries up website loading speeds with a factor of 300 – 1000x. Varnish can be set up how to deal with inward requests – if they ought to be delivered by Varnish, by the server, etc.

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Designed for making quick and additionally flexible web apps

Web developers are able to use Node.js for the purpose of constructing numerous high–end and also affordable applications like business analytics, real time applications and website CMS, only to name just a few. It really is turbo fast and flexible and is powered by an active community that keeps advancing and supporting it.

Node.js is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine and utilizes an event–based, non–blocking I/O model that renders the API adaptive and upgradeable. This particular cutting edge solution makes it possible for developers to fast construct high end web apps using only just one language.

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